Study Shows Social Gaming Doesn’t Lead to Real Money Gambling

Many experts have warned that people using social gaming sites are at an increased risk of becoming gambling addicts. A recent report from the International Social Games Association (ISGA) has disputed those claims.

The study was conducted by the Harvest Strategy Group, a company that offers leading accounts receivable solutions. The authors stated that social gamers and real money gamblers come from two different demographics. The study shows that social gamers are less likely to take risks and become gambling addicts.

The new report could benefit social gaming companies, because lawmakers will be less likely to pass laws that restrict access to social gaming sites in the future. Luc Delany, CEO of the ISGA, is sharing the findings to dissuade any fears people may have about social gaming. However, the report is also discouraging to many online gambling operators. Some of these companies have introduced social games to draw new players to their real money gaming sites. They may not want to continue offering social gaming if players don’t play for real money.

Online gambling providers are searching for new ways to increase their player base. A recent report from found that year-over-year online poker traffic contracted by 9% in May. Many gaming experts fear that changes in European gaming laws will cause the market to contract further in the coming months.

PokerStars is the industry leader and many other sites are struggling to compete. The company has 10 times the traffic of its largest competitor, 888Poker. Smaller online poker providers are also struggling to r ways to boost their market share. They may start to explore new incentives to appeal to new players if social gaming isn’t helping them convert new customers.