Professional Poker Players Eligible to Receive Full Tilt Refunds

The Garden City Group has issued refunds to over 30,000 former Full Tilt players. Some former players have still been waiting for further updates before filing for refunds. On April 16, the claims administrator stated that it needed approval from the Department of Justice before issuing payments for professional poker players. The GCC recently confirmed that professional players can apply for refunds, provided they were not members of Team Full Tilt.

The GCC said that the new update applies to any player “designated as a ‘Pro’ in the data supplied by FTP, other than Team Full Tilt. This includes Red Pros, Friends of Full Tilt and other players.” These players will be given until September 3, 2014 to submit a Petition for Remission.

The GCC contacted these players on August 4. These players have been notified to provide the same information as all others claiming for remissions. The GCC recommends providing screenshots, bank statements, emails and any other available documentation to verify their balances.

U.S. players have received nearly $100 million in restitution so far. The GCC stated that all balances will be fully refunded in the near future. However, some people still have some lingering questions. Some players are still unsure whether they are eligible for a refund.

Players that have disputed their balances haven’t had the opportunity to file claims yet. The GCC should provide further instructions in the next couple of months. Players that received rakebacks are eligible for a refund, but some of their payments have been mis-labeled internally by former Full Tilt administrators. These players will be given the opportunity to file an appeal.