PA sportsbooks gloomy after Sixers loss

PA Sportsbooks Lose Some Luster As Sixers Suffer Game 7 Heartbreak

It was a heartbreaking end to the season.

Instead of preparing for the Eastern Conference finals, the Philadelphia 76ers find themselves abruptly thrown into the offseason.

It was one of those slow-motion scenes from every sports movie to hit the big screen.

At the buzzer, the basketball bounced on the rim until it finally fell into the net. Only this time, it didn’t fall in favor of the team we were all rooting for.

Nothing brings fans out to a Pennsylvania sportsbook like a PA team in the playoffs. The collective moan from the Philadelphia sports betting scene as the final buzzer sounded was undoubtedly heard around the state.

Let’s face it; sports betting in Pennsylvania is much more fun when our teams make a run.

Close, but no cigar

The decisive game against the Toronto Raptors did not get off to a great start for the Sixers. The Sixers missed the first eight shots gave up five turnovers. The Raptors weren’t doing much better, but eight shots from the line kept them ahead and with an advantage.

The Sixers had a better second quarter, and the Raptors were allowing them to stay in the game. With a little over four minutes left in the half, the Sixers took over the lead.

The Sixers had a chance, and if it weren’t for a few big saves late in the game by the Raptors, they very well could have pulled out a win on the road.

In the end, Joel Embiid didn’t get off to a strong start, and the Raptors earned more looks at the basket with 16 offensive rebounds. The door might have been open, but the Sixers couldn’t get in.

Sixers offseason likely to shake things up

It is the second year in a row the Sixers made it to the Eastern Conference semifinals. It is also the second year in a row they didn’t make it out.

The Sixers had an easy time of it in the first round series against the Brooklyn Nets. After losing the first game, they won the next four to advance.

Embiid’s health issues, ineffective defense against Kawhi Leonard and a lack of depth on the bench made the second round much tougher. Even so, the team managed to find two wins in a row after suffering a loss in the first game.

The whole series was a struggle. The off-season will likely include some adjustment to the coaching staff and team. A rumor is circulating that head coach, Brett Brown, may be out of a job.

Along with the rumor and some key free agencies going into effect, now is the time to make some decisions to take the team to the next level.

PA online sports betting coming soon

It’s time for sports bettors to look ahead to football. The NFL preseason is just a few months away and online sports betting in PA will be alive and well, by then.

In fact, the first PA betting apps are likely to go live sooner rather than later.

Carson Wentz, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is someone who understands heartbreak well. He tweeted his support of the 76ers after last night’s loss.

It was indeed a “special season” and we’re looking forward to next year.