PA Kiosk Betting Guide

Why PA Sportsbook Kiosks Are A Bettor’s Best Friend

Nothing inside any of the new retail Penn Sportsbooks and the casinos that house them represents the future of PA sports betting more than self-service kiosks.

These computerized kiosks offer something akin to on-site access to online sports betting apps with even greater conveniences and benefits.

The machines accept cash and a variety of other forms of payment. The software is user-friendly. Plus, it is so easy to navigate your way through the betting process. Anyone who has ever used a touch-screen device like a tablet can become a self-service sports betting kiosk expert in no time.

Players and PA sportsbooks both love kiosks because they cut down on wait times and eliminate most barriers to entry into the sports betting market. In other words, kiosks get rid of the need to wait in line at the window to place a bet and the intimidation factor of having to place that bet with sportsbook staff.

Plus, kiosks offer players the ability to rifle through a myriad of betting options and see possible outcomes immediately. This, in turn, leads to both increased wagering and a better understanding of how sports betting works.

Self-service sports betting kiosks are all about improved accessibility and convenience.

The following basics of kiosk sports betting should help you become comfortable with the machines at most Penn Sportsbooks and have you placing a variety of bets with ease almost instantly.

If you can touch it, you can bet on it

Self-service sports betting kiosk essentially offer touch-screen access to a sportsbook’s odds board.

That means you can search through all the bets available at the sportsbook the same way you surf the internet or play games on a tablet. It also means you just need to tap tabs to navigate your way around the odds board. Plus, you simply tap the bets you’re interested in making to put together a betting slip.

Try before you buy

Kiosks show you the possible outcome the moment you tap on the bet and key in an amount you’d like to wager. This allows you to change it up and move things around as much as you like before finally confirming your betting choices and firing away.

There’s no better way to learn more about how the odds operate at a sportsbook that checking the outcomes of various bets before you place any.

Cash or card payment options

The kiosks at most PA sportsbooks allow you to bet with cash, vouchers, or money loaded on a player account card. Plus, once online sports betting goes live in PA this summer, the kiosks should connect to your online account as well.

That means betting at a kiosk is as easy as using an ATM and the process of collecting your winnings is just as simple.

Buy the ticket, take the ride

Self-service sports betting kiosk use a session-based system. You can place any number of bets during a session and print up each individual bet on single tickets or one ticket with multiple bets. Either way, kiosks print tickets you need to hold onto to claim any winnings.

If your bet comes through, you can take that ticket back to a kiosk. Then, either collect cash from the machine or use the winnings to place more bets.

Build before betting

The sportsbooks at both Rivers Casino and Parx Casino have launched bet builder apps. These apps allow you to put together bet slips with a mobile device or computer before heading to the sportsbook.

The odds available on the apps are up-to-the-minute. This allows you to play around with different options before committing, the same way you might at a kiosk.

Once you’ve settled on a bet and confirmed, the app will generate a QR code you can scan in at a self-service sports betting kiosk to place the bet.

Don’t be intimidated

Placing a bet at a sportsbook for the first time can be intimidating. It seems like you might need to know some kind of rotation number and other technical jargon first.

Any possible embarrassment resulting from not knowing the language is removed when betting at a kiosk.

At a kiosk, you basically choose a sport to bet on, browse through the available lines, and make your choices. There’s nothing intimidating about it. In fact, it’s as easy as ordering a value meal at a McDonald’s.

By the way,  McDonald’s has started to employ their own self-service kiosks in several locations as well.

Know your limit, stay within it

Kiosks will accept:

  • Standard spread and moneyline bets
  • Totals
  • Parlays
  • Over/Unders
  • Props

Literally, any bet you can make at a window can be made at a kiosk.

The lone exception is high-limit bets that require approval from a sportsbook supervisor. So, unless you’re betting really big, you can feel free to use a kiosk for just about anything.