PA betting guide for 2019 French Open

Pennsylvania Betting Guide: How To Watch And Bet The French Open

The ATP and WTA Tours continue this week as the tennis world turns its attention to the French Open. The year’s second Grand-Slam event begins on Sunday, May 26, in Paris, France.

As one of the four biggest tournaments played every season, it’s likely PA sportsbooks will be busy taking a large number of bets for the French Open.

The two-week-long championship will include some of the world’s best tennis players, on both the men’s and women’s sides.

Unfortunately, it seems like it will be difficult for an American-born player to break through and win the entire tournament. The US’ best chance is in the women’s bracket, where Sloane Stephens and Serena Williams have the sixth and seventh best odds to win, respectively.

Although the Americans may not flourish on the clay courts in France, several other top names in the sport do. People like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Simona Halep are household names who have each won the French Open previously.

Each of these players will be drawing plenty of action in the PA sports betting market as the top favorites to take the title.

Let’s breakdown everything you need to know and some of the betting basics around the 2019 French Open.

2019 French Open

  • Date: May 26 – June 9
  • Location: Stade Roland-Garros, Paris, France
  • Start Time: 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 26
  • TV Networks: NBC and Tennis Channel

The majority of play during the weekdays and mornings will be on the Tennis Channel. Matches will be available on NBC during some afternoon sessions, especially on the weekends.

The Women’s Final is on Saturday, June 8, and the Men’s Final is on Sunday, June 9. Both will be aired on NBC.

Besides these TV networks, fans can watch a live stream of their favorite player on NBC Sports Live, as well as on the NBC Sports mobile app.

The 2019 French Open at PA sportsbooks

There are several different locations PA bettors can go to place a wager on the French Open. They include:

Online sports betting is still not available just yet in the Keystone State. Multiple online PA sportsbook apps are set to launch sometime in the near future.

Betting on the 2019 French Open in PA

Checking out the odds for a tennis match may be slightly confusing for someone who has never gambled on tennis before. Wagering on tennis is a little bit different than betting on other sports involving teams.

Let’s examine all the ways you’re able to place a bet for this year’s French Open.


Futures wagers are the most common bet. Like any other futures bet, most gamblers make a futures wager before the tournament even begins.

With a future, a bettor will put money down on whichever tennis player they think will win the tournament. Simply enough, if that player goes on to win the title, the bet is a winner and will probably return a pretty payday.

Even though there are definite favorites among the entrants, the odds are usually quite friendly because this is such a long tournament involving a large field of players.

Both the men’s and women’s top favorites have odds with plus money. Nadal is listed at +110 while Halep is at +450. It might not be as difficult as selecting the winner of a golf tournament, however, picking a tennis tournament winner is still a tough task.

Head-to-head moneyline matchup

The next most popular way to bet on tennis is by wagering on a specific head-to-head matchup. Each player is given a moneyline representing their odds to win against a particular player. Of course, the winner of the match that day determines the winner of the bet.

Now in tennis, the odds of a matchup can vary a whole lot. For instance, in a first-round match, someone like Nadal who is the favorite to win the whole tournament is going to have some awful odds against their first-round opponent.

These odds can sometimes be as low as -1000 to just win one match.

Of course, as the tournament continues, better players typically advance and create better matches that are a lot more even.

Betting the moneyline of a matchup is one of the simpler ways to bet on tennis, though there are some more intricate lines available on most sportsbooks.

French Open betting spreads

Game spread

There are two main variations to betting a tennis matchup other than the normal moneyline. Unlike sports with points and scoring like basketball and football, tennis spreads are divided between game spreads and set spreads.

A game spread determines how many games the favorite must win by throughout the entire length of a specific match.

In tennis, you must win at least six games and win by two in order to win a set. For instance, if the set is 6-5. You’re only up by one game and must win another to win the set 7-5.

If two players are all square with 6 games apiece through a set, they will play a tiebreaker to determine the winner of the set.

A game spread for someone who’s around a -200 favorite will be around -2.5 to -3. Obviously, this depends on the match length. Some tournaments only require two sets to win a match, whereas others are three.

In the French Open, the men’s matches are a best of five and the women’s are the best of three. This means that men must win three sets to win the match and women must win two.

If a male player wins his match 6-4, 6-4, 6-4, he would have won by a total of 6 games. If his game spread entering the match was -5.5, this would be a winner.

There is often alternate game spreads as well. If you’re extremely confident in the outcome of a match, you’re usually able to bet on larger game spreads that will naturally boost your odds around the line.

Instead of taking a game spread of -2.5 (-115), a lot of sportsbooks will allow you to bet -4.5 with odds of +210.

Set spread

Set spreads are the same exact thing just with the total number of sets. Of course, set spreads will be smaller than game spreads because there are much fewer sets played in a match.

Typically, sportsbooks will only offer bettors set spreads of -1.5. This is similar to betting on baseball where the run line is always the same (-1.5), but the odds of the line change based on the teams or players.

For example, a player with moneyline odds of around -300 will have a set spread around -1.5 (-110).

A lot of sportsbooks will offer alternates to these spread lines, too. If you took the player who’s -300 for a match getting the spread line instead of giving it, their odds jump to something very long like +1.5 (-800).


Like just about every other sport, you’re able to wager on totals for tennis and the French Open.

Here, bettors can gamble on the total number of games and sets they think will take place in a given match. Similar to the other betting options in the sport, there are typical alternates.

The total game’s lines offered can look something like this:

  • Over 22.5 (-113)
  • Under 22.5 (-113)
  • Over 19.5 (-315)
  • Under 19.5 (+235)
  • Over 28.5 (+250)
  • Under 28.5 (-335)

These variations afford bettors a lot of freedom to have choices when making a bet. Depending on your confidence in a match, you can enhance your odds significantly.

Set totals are much more routine. Since there aren’t many variations available, these lines are set up much more closely to set spreads. The Over/Under for the most part will be 3.5 sets for men and 2.5 sets for women.

French Open betting props

Another way to bet on the French Open is through proposition wagers. These odds allow bettors to choose specifics when it comes to the number of games, sets and even tiebreaks.

Some sportsbooks will give you total odds for how many games will take place in a certain set. This can be broken down by different sets and are usually accompanied by multiple alternate lines.

A lot of sportsbooks will have something similar for tiebreakers. This is usually set at Over/Under 0.5, which means you’re betting if there will be a tiebreak or not for the entire match.

Props can get even more intricate like picking which player is going to win each specific set and what the final correct score of the match will be in regards to sets.

Live betting at PA sportsbooks

Live wagering will also be available at the majority of sportsbooks in PA. Although these selections might not include some of the more complex lines, they should have some offerings.

These should include updated odds on matchups. Some books may not have live spreads available, but most will have live moneyline odds for matches that will update as play continues.

Some sportsbooks will even provide updated futures odds after each day or round. This way if you missed betting on your favorite tennis player before the start of the tournament, there are still ways to get some money in on them.

2019 French Open odds

DraftKings Sportsbook in the New Jersey betting market has the following odds to win both the men’s and women’s 2019 French Open:


  • Rafael Nadal +110
  • Novak Djokovic +250
  • Dominic Thiem +600
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas +2000
  • Roger Federer +3300
  • Alexander Zverev +4000
  • Juan Martin Del Potro +7500
  • Stanislas Wawrinka +8000
  • Fabio Fognini +10000
  • Daniil Medvedev +10000


  • Simona Halep +450
  • Kiki Bertens +900
  • Naomi Osaka +1400
  • Petra Kvitova +1500
  • Karolina Pliskova +1500
  • Sloane Stephens +1600
  • Serena Williams +2000
  • Ashleigh Barty +2300
  • Elina Svitolina +2300
  • Victoria Azarenka +3000