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Five Tips For Efficient Pennsylvania Online Poker Multi-Tabling

It has been so long since Pennsylvanians could play online poker, many players may have forgotten one of the best things about it:


The ability to sit in more than one seat at a time has long been hailed as one of the greatest benefits of the online game.

Playing multiple tables ultimately means more hands per hour. It’s never boring, and while multi-tabling means less time to make decisions, making it harder to play your A-game, it can give a big boost to your bottom line.

With license applications now coming in from potential online poker operators, online poker is on its way back to Pennsylvania and it’s bringing multi-tabling with it.

Since most Pennsylvanians have not played online poker, or multi-tabled, since the Department of Justice shut down the country’s biggest online poker operators in April 2011, it’s time for a bit of a refresher.

Here’s a look at five tips for efficient multi-tabling:

Start slowly

Perhaps you 24-tabled profitably on PokerStars before Black Friday. However, as we mentioned before, it’s been a minute since you managed that feat.

When online poker comes back to PA, resist the urge to pick up right where you left off seven or eight years ago and start slowly.

Add one table at a time. Settle in with the pace of the games and keep adding tables as you feel comfortable. Take some time to feel the addition of each table and don’t add too many too fast. The last thing you want to do is start off PA online poker on a major downswing because you bit off more than you can chew right now.

Of course, you’re multi-tabling because you want to up your win-rate and adding more tables will do it. But there’s no rush to reach your limit. Just go slow at the start until you get back into the swing of things again. Do it right from the get-go. It won’t take long before your at peak multi-table performance once again.

Use hotkeys

Remember how quickly you made decisions using hotkeys before? Don’t forget to use them again. The last thing you want to be doing as you start your PA online poker multi-tabling journey is time out mouse-searching for the fold button. Hotkeys will help.

Set hotkeys for the basic decisions like checking and folding, and for simple bet-sizing. You’ll avoid searching around the tables or playing with sliders for what should be your easiest and most efficient decisions.

Time is everything when you’re multi-tabling and hotkeys save you some. You’ll run into less hand cramps as well.

Tile tables, don’t stack or cascade

If the online poker software your playing with allows you to, make sure you choose to tile tables over stacking or cascading.

Having all your tables side by allows you to see each one clearly. Essentially, tiling lets you follow all the action on every table at once. It’s all on the screen.

Stacking puts the tables on top of one another. Cascading does the same, revealing a corner of each one. Both save screen space, but make your overall multi-tabling effort hard to follow.

Stacking and cascading means you’ll only be looking at one table at a time and you never know when they’ll pop up.

Of course, even when you are tiling, your ability to follow the action closely will depend on exactly how may tables you’ve got running. However, tiling will always give you the best shot at it.

It will be easier to make good decisions with more information and tiling gives you that as well.

Use the same seat

This tip is as simple as it gets and incredibly valuable to any multi-tabler. Always sit in the same seat at every table.

You don’t want to spend even a second looking for where you’re at when it’s on you. Sitting in the same seat at every table will ensure you never get lost.

When you are multi-tabling, you’re making split-second decisions, and knowing exactly where to look when its your turn is key to making those decisions fast.

Avoid distractions

This is the number-one tip for a reason. That reason is the number-one thing that can prevent you from making a profit while multi-tabling is giving in to distraction.

Turn the TV off. Quit looking at your phone. Searching for what to watch on Netflix is a bad idea. Your Postmates order can wait.

Effective multi-tabling requires focus. Players need to sit down and treat online poker like a job if they want to win while multi-tabling. That means avoiding all distractions and focusing in on the task at hand.

Straying from this path will only lead to timing out, unnecessary downswings and ultimately, the poor house.

It helps if you only open poker-related software on your computer while playing. Plus, unless they are multi-tabling on a computer of their own, don’t invite anyone over to join you.

Try turning off the chat for an even more focused multi-tabling experience.

Also, finding the number of tables that’s best for you, sitting comfortably, taking regular breaks and playing at beatable, yet challenging stakes will help you focus as well.