Online Gaming Community Relieved Eric Cantor Loses Primary

Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, recently lost his primary election to Tea Party candidate David Brat. This was the first time that a House Majority leader lost a primary since the title was created in 1899. The recent defeat may have been humiliating to Cantor, but it is a big win for the online gambling community.

Cantor was financially backed by Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Adelson and his lobbyists have created a new bill called the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act.” The bill would revise the Wire Act to bar all forms of online gambling in the United States. Online gaming supporters have been trying to gain political support to have the law stricken down.

Brat is going to be more likely to vote against the bill. He has received very little funding from industries that have a stake in banning online gambling. He has not received any donations from Adelson.

Brat’s decision will ultimately be based on his conscience. He hasn’t stated much about his religious views, but some of his recent statements show that he is a Christian. This means that he may be morally opposed to gambling. However, he is also a libertarian that has criticized the conservative right for forcing morality laws like abortion and gambling onto other citizens.

If Brat lives up to his statements, he will be unlikely to pass laws that force his beliefs onto others. He will probably vote against the Restoration of the Wire Act.

Union Gaming analyst Robert Shore said that the industry should be relieved that Cantor lost the primaries. Shore pointed out that Adelson donated over $10 million to the former House Majority leader through 2012. His loss can only help the effort to legalize online gambling.