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Four Resources To Help You Prep For PA Online Poker

With license applications pouring in from potential online poker operators in July 2018, online poker is now headed to Pennsylvania in a rather big way.

In fact, as of July 23, 2018, nine applications had been filed, meaning as many as nine legal and regulated online poker sites could soon open up in Pennsylvania.

Many Pennsylvanians may have been traveling to New Jersey to play since November 2013, when the neighboring state launched legal and regulated online poker. Others may have continued grinding on offshore online poker sites that still accepted US customers.

However, most Pennsylvanians have not played online poker since the Department of Justice shut down the biggest operators in the country back in April 2011.

Now, as they prepare to get back in the game, many Pennsylvania poker players could probably use a tune-up.

Thankfully, here’s a look at the top five resources Pennsylvania poker players can use to improve while waiting for PA online poker to launch:

The poker forums

For years, various poker forums and the valuable information contained therein have been credited with making some of the top poker players in the world exactly who they are today.

It’s no secret that discussing hands and various stations with other players can help players improve. Online poker forums contain pages and pages of those types of discussions that players can dive in, browse around, engage with, and use as a resource. Perhaps best of all is the fact most forums are free.

The TwoPlusTwo poker forums remain the gold standard among online poker forums. It contains countless threads in a variety of categories, including:

  • Coaching and Training
  • General Poker Strategy
  • Tournament Poker
  • Internet Poker

There are even areas of the site dedicated to staking and the top news, views, and gossip in the poker world.

Like it has done for almost an entire generation of poker players, dedicating some time to the TwoPlusTwo poker forums can make you a better player. And that goes for everyone from beginning players to even the most advanced rounders.

Poker tournament streams

Top online poker players have taken to the Twitch.tv format like moths to a flame. That gives anyone that wants it the chance to dive inside the mind of a great poker player and see exactly what they are thinking as they maneuver their way through the online poker streets.

In other words, Twitch gives you the opportunity to watch top poker pros do their thing online. If you can learn by watching, this will be a great resource for you.

Two Team PokerStars Pro players are at the top of the Twitch game. Jason Somerville is the GOAT Twitch streamer and his Run It Up brand has built legions of fans that swear he’s made them all better poker players.

He streams regularly and now has 24-hour-a-day poker content streaming on his Twitch.tv/jcarverpoker channel.

Compared to Somerville, Dutch pro Lex Veldhuis is a relative Twitch newcomer. However, his popularity as a streamer has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year.

He’s entertaining and witty. Plus, he lets you know what’s going on inside his mind as he plays a robust multi-table tournament schedule, making his Twitch.tv/lexveldhuis channel a great way to get back up to speed on online poker.

Poker bots

There is a myriad of poker training and coaching organizations that can help you get better at the game.

However, Advanced Poker Training is quite different from all of them. It is the only fully online artificially intelligent poker training program out there. That means they use poker bots to help you improve your game.

2016 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Qui Nguyen hired Advanced Poker Training’s Steve Blay as a coach after he used a series of bots to simulate the final table and show Nguyen how he could win. Thus proving Advanced Poker Training is the kind of system that can make you into a champion.

Advanced Poker Training throws players into Sit N’ Gos and MTTs featuring life-like opponents. Then it analyzes their play in an effort to plug leaks and find areas to improve. It’s a great way to practice playing poker with expert analysis of your play. Of course, we all know what practice makes.

It’s high-tech poker training at its best. Several pros swear by it and say Advanced Poker Training provides the quickest path to a world-class player out there. It would be hard to find a more valuable high-tech resource.

Poker pros

Most online poker training and coaching sites employ video training. Most are also are run by successful pros who don’t mind sharing the knowledge they’ve accumulated while playing.

However, there are two run by two of the most successful players in the history of poker that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Phil Galfond’s Run It Once coaching has been a great resource for poker players of all levels since 2012. It’s more than just poker strategy, it’s a poker strategy community. Meaning it features a forum where hand histories, concepts, and theories are all discussed.

Plus, there’s video content put together by Galfond and top pros like Ben Sulsky, Jason Koon, and Brian Rast, to name just a few.

In the meantime, Doug Polk is a relative newcomer to training and coaching compared to Galfond, but his Upswing Poker site  is almost as popular.

Upswing offers preflop raise charts, poker secrets for all kinds of situations, and the opportunity to get in a Poker Training Lab where all the serious training occurs.

There’s also Advanced Poker Training, Heads-Up Mastery, and Tournament Master Class content. Upswing is the latest in high-quality poker training and will certainly help most take their game up a notch.