Harrah’s Philadelphia Sportsbook App Review

The new Harrah’s Philadelphia Sportsbook is set to take its wagering online.

Harrah’s is owned by the giants at Caesars Entertainment, which operate more than 20 sportsbooks across the United States. It has some of the most recognizable casino brands in the business.

Harrah’s Philadelphia Sportsbook fact sheet:

Land-based launch date:January 2019
Online launch date:Q3 2019 (estimated)
Software partner:Scientific Games
Age requirement:21
Last VerifiedFebruary 2023

Harrah’s Sportsbook new player incentives and bonuses

To get your business, we expect Caesars to offer customers a pair of new registration incentives.

When first joining its online sportsbook, you should get a bonus code to claim a $10 free sports bet. This can be attached to any betting slip as long as it’s wagered in full.

If you win your wager, it should pay out in full, minus the original $10 stake.

Along with the $10 free bet, first-time depositors may receive a $300 free bet. Firstly, you would make your deposit using the code and then place a sports wager. Finally, the free bet is awarded at a value equal to the first bet, up to $300.

All games with odds of -200 or higher will probably be eligible to be used as your free wager. Likely, your only requirement is making the free wager within seven days of receiving the bonus in your account.

Web access for Harrah’s Philadelphia Sportsbook

Modeling its efforts after the Harrah’s Sportsbook in the New Jersey sports betting market, it connects players to its offerings through the website. The web-browser access coming to Pennsylvania should also offer everything that the physical bookie does.

We expect wagers to be broken down by sports, the day of the week and the popularity and amount of action an event is seeing that day. Log-in should be simple, and you will likely be able to manage deposits and withdrawals easily. There should be an easy-to-find “betslip” button where you can fill out your online wagers.

Promotions, odds boosts, and connections to your reward account are all set to be available on the website and should be accessible from any updated web browser.

Mobile sports betting app

As with many of the mobile apps on the market, the first thing you’ll likely notice about the Caesars/Harrah’s app is how closely it resembles the look and functionality of the website.

Available for both Android or iOS, the mobile app homepage is expected to come with easy-to-use shortcuts that take the user to the sport of their choice, be it football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. There should also be tabs that scroll through the week’s games, sorted by day, plus a quick connect button that takes you to every sport on the menu.

Players can also look forward to completely managing their accounts from the mobile app, beginning with registration, through making deposits and withdrawals, to placing all wagers and collecting winnings.

How to sign up for an account at Harrah’s Sportsbook

When the website and mobile app go live later in 2019, online registration should be a breeze. To register, you will have to provide your name, date of birth, physical address, email address, phone number and Social Security number. You may need a username and password and answer two security questions to further secure your account.

If the sportsbook suspects any suspicious activity on an account, it may trigger a security review. If that happens, you will likely need to present a photo ID and provide proof of address and proof of ownership of any credit cards or bank accounts on the account. However, the process to complete the security review should be straightforward and rare.

Eligibility to play at Harrah’s Philadelphia Sportsbook

Anyone that is 21 years or older will be able to register for a Harrah’s online account, regardless of their location. But to place bets, they will need to be physically within the state borders of Pennsylvania, as verified by the IP address their computer is using or the activated location services on their mobile device. Players will not need to be a Pennsylvania resident.

As per the rules laid out by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, persons who are athletes, managers, coaches, referees, or other officials that could influence the outcomes of sporting events are allowed to hold accounts and place wagers on sports – just not on any event that involves them or their affiliations.

Loyalty program

If Caesars and Harrah’s current ventures are any indication, the new sportsbook should offer a program called Total Rewards where members can earn generous perks by collecting points based on the dollars they wager. Those points will likely earn discounts on entertainment, dining, and shopping, as well as hotel stays at more than 40 Total Rewards resorts and casinos around the world.

You should also be able to earn more points at each one of those worldwide resorts, advancing through a series of tiers labeled Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars.

Upon reaching Seven Stars, you will probably receive a $500 celebration dinner, complimentary hotel rooms and free upgrades, and a congratulatory cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Other Harrah’s Sportsbook promotions

Harrah’s and Caesars haven’t been specific about the other promotions that it’ll be offering to the online customers in Pennsylvania. Although, there have been a lot of different promos in its recent past that give us an idea of what to expect.

Commonly available are bet protections, which deems part of the bet refundable in case of a loss.

There may also be bets that come with bonus money attached or accelerators on Total Rewards point earnings. Improved odds, sports- or team-themed parlays, halftime insurance, and temporary loss prevention are all promotions that Caesars and Harrah’s have offered in the past.

The website and mobile app should both come with a complete list of active sports wagering promotions.

Account deposits and withdrawals at Harrah’s

When making deposits into the new Harrah’s Philadelphia online sportsbook account, online bill pay is easy, direct and safe. The sportsbook only asks for an online banking ID and password, therefore your bank account number will remain secure.

We expect players to be able to use credit cards, direct bank transfers, send an e-check or use PayPal. In addition, you can pay in cash at one of the many PayNearMe locations in PA, or issue a check.

To withdraw funds, players will likely need to reverse the process for PayPal, credit card payments, or bank deposits. If you use another means of deposit, Harrah’s will send a check in the mail. This method requires additional days for processing.

Available sports wagers

Win/loss bets, future plays, propositions, parlays, over/under plays, and partial game bets should all be on the Harrah’s betting menu. In terms of sports that you can play, they are likely to offer NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, soccer, golf, boxing, MMA, and motor racing. All of those sports should be possible to play with any of the available wager types.

We also anticipate in-play wagering, both through the website and on the mobile app. The latest rage in wagering keeps players engaged throughout the contest. In-play wagering gives bettors an opportunity to play several games within a single game. Options include multiple halftime totals and second-chance multipliers.

Harrah’s Philadelphia Sportsbook will get its point spreads and odds directly from the experts at Caesars in Las Vegas. Harrah’s will update them automatically and in real-time. This will ensure that the in-play wagering it offers is as fast and dynamic as possible.

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