What Is A Sports Betting App?

As with everything else in the 21st century, if you once needed to go somewhere to do an activity — a date, a movie, concert, etc. — there is technology that also allows you to do so at home.

Sports betting is no different.

Leading the wave of legalized sports betting in Pennsylvania is the opening of sportsbooks across the state. Much like being in a physical bookstore, there’s something special about going to a counter, handling a betting slip and watching the action unfold alongside other bettors.

But as much as we love the bookstore, it’s nice to be able to buy a book online. And as much as we like going to the sportsbook and standing underneath the big board of odds, thanks to online and mobile gaming, it’s great to be able to put money down a game without leaving your couch.

That is the beauty of the sports betting app. If you hold an account with SugarHouse, for example, you now no longer need to visit the brick-and-mortar casino to place a bet. Just fire up the app on your mobile phone. All of the wagering opportunities that you prefer will also be available in the palm of your hand.

Legal online sports betting apps in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is responsible for licensing all PA sports betting apps. The following apps either are or will soon be available to players located in Pennsylvania:

Placing wagers through a sports betting app

If you are new to the sports betting app, getting started is simple.

Go to the app store that corresponds to your mobile device’s operating system – Android or iOS – and then download the sports betting app that works in Pennsylvania.

If you already wager regularly at a physical sportsbook, there should be an accompanying app — or there will be soon.

Next, register an account, add a little money and take a look at the games menu. You’ll see up-to-the-minute point spreads and odds and a place to fill out a bet slip. Straight bets, parlays, teasers and even future bets are all available to play on the app.

The one advantage of the app that you won’t find at the sportsbook is the ability to make in-play wagers. Those are bets placed on games that have already begun, with continually changing point spreads and a multitude of available second-chance wagers.

Upon winning your bet, the money is put into your account instantly. Therefore, you can wager it again right away.

Withdrawals from your account also happen directly from the app, and if you make your deposit with an electronic transfer, withdrawings will happen the same way.

Apps connect to the operator’s online sportsbook, so you can use either its website or mobile app to place wagers from your home or from a single account. Many of the same bonuses and rewards programs that are available in-person are also integrated into the app.